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WHO recommends reduced sugar intake by adults and kids
Parents duped into giving kids high sugar drinks, study shows
Divorce fuels sugary drink consumption in kids, study finds
Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee calls for less sugar, soda tax
Providence sugary drinks ban attracts attention from the USDA
Burger King drops soda from kids menu
Wendy's removes soda option from kids menu
CA Central coast teens dropping water for Red Bulls and soda
Caramel-coloring a potential carcinogen in soda
London Eye rebranded in Coca-cola red
Soda habit may prompt early puberty in girls
Parents duped into giving kids high sugar drinks, study shows

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You’ve arrived at THE place to find information about the dangers of sugar-loaded drinks.  Get tools to start a movement in your community, and change what kids and their families reach for when they’re thirsty!  
What are sugar-loaded drinks exactly? We’re talking: sweetened sodas, so-called “sports” drinks, iced teas, juice drinks, vitamin waters and energy drinks.  Beverages so cheap and easy to get, that kids are drinking way more than their fill. They’re getting the equivalent of over a dozen packets of sugar a day from their beverages alone! But together, we can stop Big Soda’s push to keep kids guzzling these harmful drinks which--science has proven--lead to obesity, preventable diabetes and tooth decay!