What is Kick the Can?

KickTheCan.info is a website that provides trustworthy and up-to-date information about the negative health effects of soda and other sugary drinks.  Advocates wishing to see reduced sugary beverage consumption in their communities can get equipped with health facts and statistics, and be prepared to counter beverage industry tactics.  The site also contains useful information on sugary drink policy, legislative activities around the country, as well as links to toolkits, key reports, studies and media coverage.

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Kick the Can is a project of Public Health Advocates (PHAdvocates), formerly CA Center for Public Health Advocacy. PHAdvocates is a nonpartisan nonprofit organization that raises awareness about critical public health issues and mobilizes communities to promote the establishment of effective state and local health policies.  PHAdvocates is at the forefront of solving the obesity and diabetes epidemics by advocating for groundbreaking policies that build healthier communities.


Berkeley Media Studies Group

BMSG was founded in 1993 to help public health advocates make their voices heard in a powerful public forum -- the news -- and increase their participation in the democratic process. Public health groups come to BMSG when they want to work more effectively with journalists, and journalists come to BMSG when they are interested in deepening their reporting on public health issues. BMSG has worked with community groups, foundations, government, and news organizations across the country on a range of public health issues, including affirmative action, affordable housing, alcohol, child care, childhood lead poisoning, children's health, health inequities, nutrition and activity, sexually transmitted disease, tobacco, tuberculosis, and violence and injury prevention. BMSG’s publications are available at bmsg.org.

BMSG’s interest in kickthecan.net and its collaboration with PHA stems from its commitment to support public health advocates, community leaders, and residents pushing for healthier food and activity environments.

BMSG is a project of the Public Health Institute based in Oakland, California. PHI is an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting health, well-being and quality of life for people throughout California, across the nation, and around the world.

The Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity

The Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity is a non-profit research and public policy organization devoted to improving the world's diet, preventing obesity, and reducing weight stigma. The Rudd Center serves as a leader in building broad-based consensus to change diet and activity patterns, while holding industry and government agencies responsible for safeguarding public health. The Center serves as a leading research institution and clearinghouse for resources that add to our understanding of the complex forces affecting how we eat, how we stigmatize overweight and obese people, and how we can change.

Center for Science in the Public Interest

Since 1971, CSPI has been a strong advocate for nutrition and health, food safety, and sound science.  Its award-winning newsletter, Nutrition Action Healthletter, with some 900,000 subscribers in the United States and Canada, is the largest-circulation health newsletter in North America.

Founded by executive director Michael Jacobson, Ph.D. and two other scientists, CSPI carved out a niche as the organized voice of the American public on nutrition, food safety, health and other issues during an explosion of consumer and environmental protection awareness in the early 1970s. CSPI has long sought to educate the public, advocate government policies that are consistent with scientific evidence on health and environmental issues, and counter industry's powerful influence on public opinion and public policies.