American Heart Association Releases Stringent New Limits on Children’s Added Sugar Consumption

  • Posted on: Aug 24 2016

DAVIS, CA, AUGUST 23, 2016… “With its new guidelines, the American Heart Association has definitively taken a stand against added sugars, stating that no child should consume more than six teaspoons – or 100 calories – worth a day.

In doing so, the AHA seeks to prevent many of the heart damaging complications tied to excess sugar consumption: high blood pressure, high lipids, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease and obesity.

More significantly, they have also taken a strong position against sugary drinks, asking parents to limit consumption of sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks to no more than eight ounces per week for children 2-18 years old and to cut them entirely from the diets of younger children.

Public Health Advocates wholeheartedly endorses this science-based decision. Now we must spread the word to ensure that every parent and physician is aware of these new guidelines so that we can ensure our children’s good health.

Here in California we will use these new guidelines to continue to build the case for public policies that curb the consumption of sugary drinks, including the ‘Soda Tax’ on the ballot this November in San Francisco, Oakland and Albany, and policies currently in the works in the state Legislature.”

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