We recommend the following:

For policies that restrict the availability and marketing of sugary drinks

  1. Low income residents should play a prominent role in developing the policy.
  2. Campaigns promoting the policy should work to ensure that healthier beverages, such as water, are available at an equal or lesser price in communities most affected by the policy.

For policies that tax sugary drinks

  1. Low-income residents should play a prominent role in developing the tax proposal.
  2. The policy should include language to ensure that low-income communities and communities of color benefit from the allocation of tax revenues by designating a substantial portion of the revenues to:
  • Improve access to healthy, affordable beverages and foods
  • Improve access to parks, recreation programs, and other opportunities for  physical activity
  • Provide subsidies for fresh fruit and vegetable purchases
  • Increase food stamp benefits for fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Provide healthy foods and beverages in schools
  • Provide health care coverage and increased preventive care
  • Ensure access to safe, clean, affordable water

For more information on equity and the beverage and food environment, check out the resources and articles below.

Sugary Drinks in Communities of Color: Recent Research and Policy Options to Reduce Consumption. 2015 (Leadership for Healthy Communities)

Latino Kids and Sugary Drinks Issue Brief. 2013 (Salud America)

Advancing Health Equity: Case Studies of Health Equity Practice in Four Award-Winning California Health Departments. 2015 (Berkeley Media Studies Group)

5 Questions on Equity and Childhood Obesity. A video by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation featuring Angela Glover Blackwell, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of PolicyLink.

Building Healthy Communities through Equitable Food Access. A community development investment review of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco by Judith Bell and Marion Standish.

Creating Access to Healthy Affordable Food.USDA Agriculture Marketing Service.

Healthy Food, Healthy Communities. Promising Strategies to Improve Access to Fresh, Healthy Food and Transform Communities by PolicyLink.

Sugary Drink FACTS. A study by the Yale Rudd Center which found that black children and teens viewed 80-90% more sugary drink TV advertising than their white peers.