soda tax

The Power of Organizing

  • Posted on: Jul 28 2014

By Maureen Erwin, Choose Health SF.

Every now and then, pundit and pollster Election Day predictions are way off. The talking heads chat back and forth, speculating about what went wrong. But guess who almost always knows the answer? Organizers. And the underlying cause of those inaccurate predictions? Usually, organizers. Good organizers inspire and engage. These mysterious people who showed up to vote didn’t make it into pollsters’ voting models.

The sky isn’t falling, but obesity rates can

  • Posted on: Oct 8 2013

By Dr. Harold Goldstein, DrPH Executive Director of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA)

Does a soda tax make sense in Telluride? It’s a fair question that demands research, science and critical thinking, rather than a bunch of beverage industry marketing.

Last week Big Soda started its anti-proposition 2A campaign. If history is any indicator, you can expect a slick, steady and well-financed Chicken Little act.