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Elizabeth Velten: Steph Curry breaks another NBA mold, goes soda free

  • Posted on: Jan 4 2016

By Elizabeth Velten - Chair of the Bay Area Nutrition and Physical Activity Collaborative, State Policy Director for the California Center for Public Health Advocacy. 

He's a good guy, a family man with two ridiculously adorable daughters and an ideal role model for young people everywhere. Oakland's favorite son, Stephen Curry, has consistently broken the mold of "typical basketball star."

The truth about Coca-Cola is coming out

  • Posted on: Sep 9 2015

By Harold Goldstein,  Executive Director, California Center for Public Health Advocacy, a Davis-based nonprofit.

You may have heard recently about Coca-Cola’s foray into the halls of scientific research. America’s once-loved — but increasingly maligned — corporation has taken a page out of Big Tobacco’s playbook by funding researchers to publish medical studies friendly to their bottom line.

New California Soda Warning Label Bill SB203

  • Posted on: Feb 11 2015

Today, Senate Majority Leader Bill Monning will introduce Senate Bill 203 requiring a simple warning on the front of containers of soda, sweet teas, sports drinks and energy drinks.

The label, developed by a national panel of public health experts, would read: STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.

No Shame to Big Soda's Game... #MakeItHappy

  • Posted on: Jan 28 2015
By Kimberly Cooper - Writer, Development Consultant, Public Health Activist
Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love Kid President. He's adorably funny, spirited, and comes with an amazing story of perseverance -- building a fan base of over 250,000 followers just on Twitter alone. So it's no wonder that Coca Cola has branded itself to little Robby Novak through its #MakeItHappy campaign targeting online cyberbullies leading up to this weekend's Super Bowl XLIX.

Big Soda Misinforms California's Senators

  • Posted on: Apr 10 2014

by Dr. Jeff Ritterman, MD 

On April 9, the Health Committee of the California State Senate passed Senate Bill 1000 (Monning), the Soda Warning Label Bill by a vote of 5-2. The bill would require sugary drinks sold in California to be labeled with the warning:  

"STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar(s) contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay. The discussion was quite interesting."  

Junk-drink industry fuels nation's obesity crisis

  • Posted on: Mar 5 2013

By Anthony B. Iton, M.D., J.D., MPH, Senior Vice President at The California Endowment
Unlike a financial collapse or a terrorist attack, the obesity crisis our nation now faces was not triggered by a shocking event, and without a catalyzing shock to trigger a collective sense of urgency, it is nearly impossible to spark political action. As a result, the political response to the nation’s most significant health and economic threat falls somewhere between complete paralysis and utter disregard.