General SSB campaigns

Don't SugarCoat Our Kids. SSB Organizing Toolkit by Voices for Healthy Kids (sign in required).

Stop Sugary Drinks from Hooking Our Kids. Campaign-building Toolkit by Voices for Healthy Kids (sign in required)

Boston Healthy Beverage Toolkit. Includes includes best practices for promoting healthy beverage choices based on current science, public health research, and national recommendations and standards.

Tax Campaigns

Best Practices in Designing Local Taxes on Sugary Drinks, 2016.  Developed by ChangeLab Solutions and Health Food America.

Roadmap for Successful Sugary Drink Tax Campaigns, 2015.  Developed by Action for Healthy Food.

Sugary Drink Tax Action Guide. Kick the Can's own guide on what's involved in advocating for taxes on sugary beverages. Developed by the Center for Science in the Public Interest, this guide prepares readers to play an effective role in promoting tax policies.

NY State Soda Tax Toolkit. Includes key messages, fact sheets, frequently asked questions, and resources.

Rudd Center Revenue Calculator. Calculates how much revenue can be raised with a sugary drink tax in each of the fifty states and twenty-five major cities around the U.S.

PHAdvocates City Soda Tax Calculator. Calculates soda tax revenue for each California city.

Other Tools for Advocacy and Planning

Wellstone and Power Prism - Tools for advocacy planning, execution, and evaluation

Advocacy Progress Planner. A free online guide to help advocates clarify the elements of a campaign, including goals and impacts, target audiences, activities and tactics, and benchmarks to guide progress.

Developing Effective Coalitions 8-Step Guide (Prevention Institute, 2002)

Research Watch (Free email subscription  - subscribe here).  A monthly summary of key findings on the impacts of sugar on health, and what strategies work to reduce excessive sugar consumption. By Healthy Food America,