City of Perris Unanimously Adopts Third Healthy Default Drinks in Kids Meal Ordinance in the Nation

  • Posted on: Apr 4 2017

The Perris City Council made the healthy choice the first choice on Tuesday, March 14, 2017, by unanimously adopting an ordinance that requires restaurants to serve water, milk, or 100% juice as the default beverage in combo kids’ meals.  Perris becomes the third city in the nation to adopt a healthy default beverage law, joining the cities of Davis and Stockton.

Public Health Advocates Executive Director, Harold Goldstein said, “Added sugar in our food and drink is a major cause of the obesity and diabetes epidemics.  Sugary drinks are the single largest source of added sugar in our kids’ diets, providing nearly half of their intake. Consuming just one sugary drink a day significantly increases a child’s risk of becoming overweight and developing diabetes later in life.”

“The positive value of the City Council's decision to adopt the ordinance cannot be underestimated. Perris residents can be rightfully proud that their local government is on the cutting edge of promoting healthy eating, curbing the marketing of sugary beverages in kids’ meals to children ages two to seven, and most significantly taking specific steps to lower rates of obesity and diabetes.  The City of Perris had already made great investments in healthy and active living through the Live Well Perris program.  Now this ordinance takes the city’s leadership a dramatic step farther,” concluded Goldstein.