The Alaska Department of Health and Social Services' Play Every Day campaign aims to create awareness about the health risks of childhood obesity, and promotes physical activity and lower sugary drink consumption as ways to prevent and reduce obesity. The campaign has developed PSAs, school curricula, and print media to help Alaska residents make healthier beverage choices.

The California Department of Public Health, through the Network for a Healthy California, supports the development of healthy beverage messages and materials. Eleven Regional Network collaboratives engage community partners in promoting healthy beverage messages for low-income Californians. Project LEAN works to increase the availability of healthy beverages in workplaces, schools, and government facilities through systems, policy, and environmental change in selected counties. 

Public Health Advocates (PHAdvocates), formerly The California Center for Public Health Advocacy works with cities throughout California to establish nutrition standards for beverages and food.  PHAdvocates' campaign Kick The Can promotes several beverage policy reforms.

The Illinois Alliance to Prevent Obesity is engaging in public education and direct-action organizing to: (1) decrease consumption of sugar-loaded drinks, (2) increase the understanding of the link between sugar-loaded drinks and obesity and (3) raise awareness about the economic and health benefits that an excise tax on these beverages would have in Illinois, and (4) encourage hospitals to change their beverage environment.  Tool kits with model policies and best practices will be disseminated, and technical assistance will be provided to collaborating hospitals. 

The Bureau of Health Promotion at the Kansas Department of Health and Environment created Refresh Kansas to support the JUST ADD WATER!, a public health intervention to raise awareness about the benefits of water and the risks associated with consumption of sugary drinks.

Catalyst and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota are leading a statewide Campaign to engage teens in the issue and create awareness on the amount of sugar in sweetened beverages, and the danger of too much sugar.

The Missouri Dental Association has a state-wide education program aimed at reducing sugary drinks called "Stop the Pop."

New York
The New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Pouring on the Pounds Campaign has produced a number of videos and television spots to educate New Yorkers about sugary drinks and their link to obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Its most recent TV spots highlight how consumption of sugary drinks by children can lead to visceral fat development, which in turn can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease or a fatty liver.

Robertson County Health Department launched its Soda Free Summer campaign, to take place June through July 2016.  Residents are encouraged to register and track their soda-free days on a calendar, and will be eligible to attend a special end-of-summer celebration where they can win prizes for participating.

Is Your Drink Sugar-Packed?  is a new 2015 campaign led by the Bexar Healthy Beverage Coalition to make Bexar County and San Antonio residents aware of the sugar content of soda, sweet tea, energy drinks and other sugar-sweetened beverages so they can make informed choices about what they drink.

The Drink Well Texas campaign is designed to fight obesity by reducing Texans' consumption of sugary drinks. The Campaign is identifying allies, educating the public, and supporting targeted policies, including a statewide penny-per-ounce excise tax on sugary drinks. The campaign is led by Texans Care for Children.

Rev Your Bev Day is a day of action to raise awareness about the health effects of sugary drinks. Since 2013, more than 420 events have taken place throughout Virginia. Now in its third year, Rev Your Bev will focus on the amount of sugar hidden in popular beverages and empower Virginians to make the healthiest choices for themselves and their families. The campaign is organized by Y Street, Virginia’s largest youth-led movement and a program of the Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth. 

Challenge Chippewa, a nutrition and physical activity action team of the Chippewa Health Improvement Partnership Coalition is leading a campaign to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages among youth in Chippewa County, Wisconsin, by raising community awareness and working towards environmental and policy change.

Cities and Counties

Boston, Massachusetts
The Boston Public Health Commission has initiated an extensive campaign to encourage healthy beverage consumption that includes educating consumers and developing policies. Campaign materials include: Rethink Your Drink stoplight posters, youth-oriented Fat Smack and parent-directed media campaigns, and Soda-Free Summer materials. The campaign includes policy work to secure city and organizational policy changes that make it easier for Boston residents to make healthy beverage choices. The Commission is also working with 10 Boston Hospitals to discourage consumption of sugary beverages in their institutions. They are removing high-sugar beverages and replacing them with healthier options; displaying educational "Red-Yellow-Green" stoplight images about choosing healthy beverages; installing free water dispensers; and patient education and staff training. The Boston Medical Center is running a campaign called "No Sugary Drink Rx" that enlists pediatricians to hand out a "prescription" not to drink sugary drinks.

Cook County, Illinois
CLEAN UP Rethink Your Drink is an educational campaign of the Cook County Department of Public Health designed to educate suburban Cook County residents on the health risks associated with drinking sugar loaded beverages and why it is better to choose healthier options.

Contra Costa County, California
Healthy and Active Before 5 Pledge the Practice Pass the Policy, a project run by a county collaborative in Contra Costa County, California, provides resources and tools for obesity prevention policy work.  No sugar sweetened beverages or 100% fruit juice is one policy goal of the project which aims to get organizations – especially organizations working with families with very young children to adopt policies.  To date, 14 organizations have adopted no sugar sweetened beverage policies.

Howard County, Maryland
In December of 2012, Howard County launched the Howard County Unsweetened campaign, a multifaceted, community-wide campaign to reduce childhood obesity by helping youth and parents choose unsweetened beverages. The campaign includes the Better Beverage Finder website that lets the public search for healthy beverage alternatives and displays where in the county those drinks can be found.

Los Angeles, California
The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health's Choose Health LA initiative is exposing the dangers of excessive consumption of sugary drinks through a public education campaign that asks, "You Wouldn't Eat 22 Packs of Sugar, Why Are You Drinking Them?"

Minneapolis, Minnesota
In Summer 2013, the Minneapolis Health Department launched ReThink Your Drink, Every Sip Counts. Because public awareness campaigns are especially effective when paired with supportive policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) strategies, this campaign engages community partners and youth change-makers to (1) educate the public about sugary drinks and promote healthy alternatives such as tap water; and (2) create healthy beverage environments through policy and practice changes in different places where community members spend their time. The combination of grassroots education and outreach with institutional PSE changes continues to generate tangible improvements in communities experiencing health disparities and lays the foundation for exploring broader policy changes.

New York, New York
The New York City Pouring on the Pounds educational campaign aims to alert New Yorkers to the shocking amounts of added sugar in their everyday drinks and the serious health effects of consuming sugary beverages.  A project of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, the campaign produced a number of videos and TV spots to educate New Yorkers about sugary drinks, obesity and type 2 diabetes.  Its most recent TV spots focus on children, showing how sugary drink consumption can produce visceral fat, which in turn can lead to type 2 diabetes, heart disease or a fatty liver even in kids.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Do you know what your kids are drinking?" is a media campaign that raises awareness of Philadelphia caregivers of young children about the health effects of sugary drinks, particularly the connection with weight gain and Type 2 diabetes. The campaign is one component of Get Healthy Philly - a cross-cutting initiative with government and community partners designed to make it easier for Philadelphians to eat healthy and be active.

San Francisco Bay Area, California 
Launched in January 2015, the Open Truth campaign uses social media and paid ads on local public transportation to spread awareness about the negative health impacts of sugary drinks and expose how the beverage industry targets young people and communities of color. The campaign is a collaboration between Shape Up San Francisco (San Francisco Dept of Public Health), The Bigger Picture (Youth Speaks and Center for Vulnerable Populations/UCSF), Alameda County Department of Public Health, Sonoma County Department of Health Services, and the American Heart Association Greater Bay Area Division.

Tri-cities area, East Tennessee
Live Sugarfreed is a campaign that encourages people to drink water or other healthier beverages instead of sugar-sweetened drinks - through television ads, the internet, and social media, and outreach by health professionals to organizations and workplaces. Live Sugarfreed is a part of A Healthy America, a movement led by The Public Good Projects, an organization of experts in media, marketing, and public health, working with health and community leaders in the Tri-Cities region.


Life’s Sweeter
Take on the Life's Sweeter Challenge and reduce your sugar drink consumption in your home, workplace, and community.

Take Back the Tap
A national campaign of Food and Water Watch to increase safe tap water consumption.

Kick The Can
Give the boot to sugary drinks:  Join us and sign up for resources to stay informed. 

Hydrate for Health
Health Care Without Harm's national campaign to call for healthy beverages in health care.

The Weight of the Nation
The Weight of the Nation is a campaign and four-part documentary series about the causes and solutions to the epidemic of obesity in the US, by HBO and the Institute of Medicine.