Healthy Default Drinks in Kids’ Meals

Kids meal beverage policies require a healthy beverage option to be offered as the default beverage in restaurant kids meals. Healthy Default Beverage policies are a promising new policy option for improving beverage environments. The California cities of Davis, Stockton, Perris, and Berkeley have already enacted ordinances that require healthy, low calorie drinks to replace soda as default in restaurant kids meals. Several other California cities are currently considering adoption of such policies.

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Educational Videos

  • Anna Lappé & Food MythBusters -- The Myth of Choice How Junk-Food Marketers Target Our Kids
  • Real Bears_Edited
  • What Does Sugar Actually Do To Your Body


Model Policies

National Restaurant Chains

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Policy Archives

Research Articles

  • American Journal of Preventive Medicine
  • CDC SSB Consumption - Adults
  • CDC SSB Consumption - Youth
  • Correlates of Sugar Sweetened Beverages Purchased for Children at Fast Food Restaurants - AJPH2016
  • Orders Of Healthier Children's Items Remain High More Than Two Years After Menu Changes Regional Restaurant Chain - HealthAffairs2015
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Alfred Mata, Public Health Advocates
Kanat Tibet, Public Health Advocates