Dec 14 2013

by Dr. Jeff Ritterman, MD Former City Councilman from Richmond, CA

As San Francisco debates the merits of a soda tax, it makes sense to understand the science of sugar consumption and its health impacts. Opponents of soda taxes argue that eating cake with sugary frosting is just as bad as drinking a big gulp. Science says otherwise.

Nov 3 2013

By Emo Overall Co-founder of Kick the Can Telluride

Oct 30 2013

On Monday, October 21st, Kick the Can attended the first ever California Healthy Beverage Summit in Los Angeles, CA. We wanted to share some highlights of the conference below. Check out the links with each story for some great resources, campaigns, and news on the sugar-sweetened beverage landscape. 

#BurpBetter campaign

Oct 13 2013

Have you heard the buzz recently about McDonalds’ making healthier changes to their menu?  On Friday, October 11th, McDonald’s released an updated statement saying that they will phase out listing soda on the kids’ meal section of menu boards.

Oct 8 2013

By Dr. Harold Goldstein, DrPH Executive Director of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy (CCPHA)

Does a soda tax make sense in Telluride? It’s a fair question that demands research, science and critical thinking, rather than a bunch of beverage industry marketing.

Last week Big Soda started its anti-proposition 2A campaign. If history is any indicator, you can expect a slick, steady and well-financed Chicken Little act.