Dec 17 2012

Dec 3 2012

Nov 19 2012

By Lori Dorfman, DrPH, Director of the Berkeley Media Studies Group

Elections bring victory and defeat. But in the case of Richmond, Calif.'s bold effort to tax sugary beverages, defeat was also victory.

Nov 8 2012

By Dr. Harold Goldstein, Executive Director of the California Center for Public Health Advocacy
While the Big Soda may celebrate their defeat of sugary beverage tax measures in the cities of El Monte and Richmond, those of us in public health recognize the amazing work advocates in those cities have done to reframe the conversation around sugary drinks and put a spotlight on the serious health consequences of soda and other sugar-sweetened beverages.

Nov 4 2012

Recently an article came across the Kick the Can desk that required a double take. The article trumpeted in its second sentence the “scoop” that “..some soda opponents may not know Pepsi and Coke are quite willing to pull their sugary drinks from schools.” Oh really? We thought it important to go a little bit deeper on that issue since our experience suggests the truth is a bit more complicated.