May 27 2015

by Dr. Harold Goldstein, Executive Director, California Center for Public Health Advocacy

May 12 2015

By Editorial Board, Sacramento Bee.

A week and a half ago, the Senate Health Committee buried a measure to put health warning labels on soda bottles and cans.

Apr 30 2015


We are extremely disappointed to report that the sugary drink warning label bill, SB 203 did not make it out of the California Senate Health Committee. With only four out of nine senators on the committee voting in favor of the bill, SB 203 is now dead. Showing a frustrating lack of leadership, Committee Chair Ed Hernandez and Senators Isadore Hall, Richard Roth and Janet Nguyen abstained from voting. Senator Jim Nielsen voted against the bill.

Apr 21 2015

By Dr. Harold Goldstein, Executive Director at the California Center for Public Health Advocacy.

On Wednesday April 29, the California Senate Health Committee will vote on SB 203, the soda warning label bill. This legislation, when passed, will do for all Californians what cigarette warning labels did half a century ago – provide consumers with the information necessary to turn back the tide on a self-inflicted wave of illness that is entirely preventable.

Mar 28 2015

by Dr. Robert Lustig, Professor of Pediatrics, UCSF.
Whether you know it or not, you may soon be a casualty of war. Most wars are fought for hearts and minds. This war is for your liver. The goal: money, of course. The casualty: you, when you develop diabetes because of a fatty liver.
Big Soda and Big Sugar are in the fight of their lives. Public opinion has slowly turned against them. American annual sugar consumption, which rose from 4 pounds in 1820 to a high of 115 pounds in 2000, has drifted down to 105 pounds.