Study shows warning labels effective; Committee lets SB203 die

  • Posted on: Jan 19 2016


It was an eventful week for Sugary Drink Warning Labels!

Monday 1/11: Baltimore, MD announces a proposed policy for requiring warning labels on sugary drink ads. 

Wednesday Morning 1/13: New Field poll shows overwhelming CA voter support for soda warning labels (78% support).  

Wednesday Evening 1/13: The CA Senate Health Committee does not bring SB 203 up for a vote due to a lack of support from key members. The bill is set to die.

Thursday 1/14: Pediatrics releases a RWJ study showing strong evidence that sugary drink warning labels are highly effective tool for reducing unhealthy beverage purchases.

Friday 1/15: SB 203 officially misses the policy Committee deadline in the State Senate and dies.

CCPHA calls on California legislators to carry out the wishes of their constituents by working to enact future legislation requiring warning labels on sugary drinks. It is high time our elected officials support this crucial – and now proven – policy to start turning around the state’s skyrocketing type 2 diabetes epidemic. With your continued support, CCPHA plans to keep the pressure on our leaders, until we have turned the tide of the diabetes and obesity epidemic. Please consider donating to help ensure we have the funding to fight on!