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The Double Diabetes Epidemic
Type 2 Diabetes May Damage Thinking Skills: Study
Consumer Reports:There's not much better for your body than plain water
Sugary drinks take a deathly toll: 184,000 deaths worldwide each year
Pop 'til you drop: The prominence of soda on campus
Mexico's soda tax is working. The US should learn from it.
Bronx health center bans sugary drinks
Groups Target Soda with Global Video Campaign
Divorce fuels sugary drink consumption in kids, study finds
How seltzer water became cooler than Coke
Caramel-coloring a potential carcinogen in soda
Parents duped into giving kids high sugar drinks, study shows
The Double Diabetes Epidemic
Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee calls for less sugar, soda tax

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What are the health effects of sugary drinks? How many sugary drinks do Americans consume? What can be done to reduce consumption? Find out all this and more through the links below.