• Posted on: Nov 5 2014

By Kick the Can.

For the first time in history, a U.S. city will begin taxing sugar-sweetened drinks for the sake of public health! The City of Berkeley overwhelmingly passed the “Measure D” soda tax on Election Day.

Volunteers and campaign organizers spent the last year educating their community about health dangers--such as type 2 diabetes and obesity that are linked to sugary drinks--and about the critical need to reduce consumption of these beverages. The culmination of their tireless efforts came on November 4, 2014 when Berkeley passed the soda tax measure by a whopping 75% of the vote!

Although San Francisco’s “Proposition E” soda tax didn’t pass on Election Day (it needed a two-thirds vote, but received 55%) the effort to inform the public was nothing short of victorious! San Francisco is definitely healthier and more informed because of the soda tax movement there. 

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