UCLA study released: Prediabetes is Epidemic in CA

  • Posted on: Mar 10 2016

Nearly half of California adults – including one out of every three young adults – have prediabetes, a precursor to life-threatening type 2 diabetes, or undiagnosed diabetes, according to a new study conducted by UCLA's Center for Health Policy Research, with support from the California Center for Public Health Advocacy released today!

Study highlights:

  • 13 million adults in California (46 percent) are estimated to have prediabetes or undiagnosed diabetes, while another 2.5 million adults (9 percent) have already been diagnosed with diabetes. Combined, the two groups represent a majority of the state’s adult population, 15.5 million (55 percent).
  • 1 out of 3 young adults (18-39 years old) has prediabetes.
  • Prediabetes is higher among adults of color, with at least half of Pacific Islanders, American Indians and African-Americans estimated to have prediabetes.
  • Prediabetes rates vary signIficantly from county to county, and between age groups.

Please share widely! Learn more at www.caprediabetes.org and view today's press release.